Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where have all my Wednesdays gone??

Well it is Wednesday again and no dusting no vaccumming no laundry not even time to get my nails done!! But it was a GREAT DAY-- Carter has asked me to come eat lunch with him for the past 2 weeks now and I have not !!! {it is hard to accomplish that task on a half an hour lunch} so to compensate I have been going to recess on my wednesdays off- they have been very interesting! Needless-to-say Carter says HI as he runs by me and all of his buddies are all around me-holding my hand- talking to me or yelling "hey Carters mom - this or that" it is funny!!! ANYWAYS today I decided to goto Carters classroom and work! VERY INTERESTING

Kudos to all you teachers out there! Dont know how you do it! I mean I sat there and felt sorry for the Stinker little boy that had to turn his card {and possibly miss recess} and I just wanted to give him a hug. I could not do it!! no way no how!! I would probably turn their card and then feel guilty and then turn it back! ha {not very good reinforcement I know}

I got a few good laughs though. I will share one. A little girl was crying and said some kids had made fun of her- well the teacher had the 4 kids that made fun of her stay in the hallway to talk to them...Well I was at Carters desk= there are 3 others with his in a group and the one little boy came in and sat down across from Carter and the little girl {who sits next to Carter} stands up and says WHAT DID SHE SAY??? and he stood up and says "ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS"!!!!! Carter looked at me and we both started laughing! it was Hilarious!!!!! Good for you Elijah!! haha

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