Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Can you say FLU x's 2

Hello everyone!! {all 2 of you} :) I am back!! I have had the flu since Mon. a.m. It is AWFUL -- may I repeat AWFUL.......Carter started out with it Friday then I got it Mon. and so did Jason (except he is out of town working) sooooo...its been kinda a crazy week already!! Back to work for me tomorrow..you know when you aren't sick you don't want to go to work ......but when you are sick you WISH you could get out of bed and go! {that was me yesterday} I was TIRED of looking at the ceiling in my bedroom! Today I finally started getting more energy and actually drank 1/2 of a diet coke {for those of you who know I like my DC -- you know I must be sick--it did not even sound good} ANYWAYS- I was sent this picture (thanks Heather and Becky) and was determined to get it on my blog! WELL I called a friend who knows how to do EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING (thank you Nicole) and she taught me --

So below is the picture I had talked about earlier from the Turtle Soup party. Heathers shirt says " good witch" sooooo I thought I would title it good witches! Carter actually added the 5 {on accident} and since there are 5 of us {actually there are 9 of us- 4 missing} I thought it seemed like a good title!!

Well good evening to all--- stay healthy!!! <><


ann- becky-heather-amy and renita


Shannon said...

AW! Hate to hear you've been sick! Not fun! Glad to hear the strength is returning though!

Love ya!

Lauren said...

feel better--can't wait to see you soon!!

Tiffany Bauer said...

I'm glad you are feeling much better!!! Just keep all the sickness in your neck of the woods!!LOL!!!!

Great pic too!!