Saturday, November 15, 2008

Calling it a pretty good day

My day started early! I had to be at the FCC at 7:45! I was helping Leslie with her booth at the Chriskindelmart- it was fun-lots of people lots of sales {my 1st sale was $195.00-I was excited} ANYWAYS fun.... all but 1 of my goof ups- I took about 6 chains off of a display AND YEP I got them ALL tangeled up!!!!! SERIOUSLY -- NOT GOOD! Les was so sweet about it- she actually laughed ANYWAYS I told her Jason was good at getting those undone-so I threw it in my purse to have him untangel my mess. After my shift was over @2:00 - I headed to my moms to get Carter- we then went to my cousin Lisa's {Jason is still at work} to see her new place-- well once again GRACE --I mean Amy went to the bathroom and you got it --- the toilet overflowed- did I mention she just mopped her floor!!! Ok I am 2 for 2 !!! SO anyways- Anna - Lisas sister was home visiting from Indy and I got an AWESOME AWESOME message from her-- She does this for several spas in Indy- and she is GOOOOOOD~I actually had to yell at her a few times for getting rough - We then ended up going to Los Planceas to have supper and margaritas! YUM!!!! and the boys were actually pretty good!! {No accidents there:) } My aunt Mary got ahold of the necklaces that I "rolled into a ball-as Lisa said" and she got them all undone! We then headed to Leslies to return them so she can sell them on Sun. We rang her doorbell and sang Christmas Carols !! :) She was knew it was me!! We Finally came home @ 9:00 and it feels so goos to lay on the couch! Good night to all <>< Amy


Shannon said...

Hey Amy!

I often go to click on "Backgrounds" and then you'll have lots to choose from! Once you find one you like, click on it and it will take you to a page that gives steps how to insert it into your blog.

Feel free to give me a call if you are trying it and having troubles!

Shannon said...

Oops... it is