Saturday, November 22, 2008

An Interview with Carter

I just meet a fellow UL demonstrator and got on her blog and she posted an interview with each of her kids (she has 3) and I enjoyed reading them soooooooooooooooo......I am doing the same. here we go

If you could do 3 things what would they be?
1. Meet Albert Pujols5
2. Goto Hawaii
3. Catch a shark !! (interesting--he told me at the end of shark to put an exclamation mark cause thats exciting !!! ha ha I guess!!)

Whats the most fun you ever had?
-Going to Paoli Peaks sled riding.

Whats your favorite meal?
-homemade pizza

Whats the one thing you do well?

What do you wanna get better at?

What would you like to see ?
-Antartica (?? I was like what! but he said he read a story in Kindergarten last year with it in it and ever since then he wanted to see it!!!) News to me!!

What do you wanna be when you grow up?
-A baseball player

well thats all for our Saturday morning interview!

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