Friday, November 7, 2008


Well, Friday night was quite interesting! My niece Maranda had her 16th birthday party at Camp Carnes. Carter and I went out for some pizza and to check it out! (Jason had his last fall league game so he missed out on the fun) Very intresting!!! Talk about fun police---well Nick-Leah and myself were all right there in their chops about the whole time.. It was like being young all over again (but Nick and I decided that the only thing different was there was no cooler there like when we were young) which was a good thing! We ate and stood by the fire and ate some more and just talked- it was a fun atomosphere.....I hate to even think about Carter turning 16- {like only 9 years} and I am sure the time will fly! BUT until then I will just enjoy him being young and under mine and Jasons wing for now!!

Sat. Jason had to work sooooooo........Carter and I slept in a bit and then got up and straightened the house. We then headed to get Grannie-we can always count on her-{ We called her and asked if she would like to drive along and go loafing. She said "Ill be ready when you get here"! } There is this cute little place {primitives of course} that I enjoy going to and Sat. was the day! I could not get it off of my mind- so off to get Grannie and we headed to Odon! Well-funny --I did not find anything that "knocked me over" (so my mom would say) BUT......I did find my paint color that I have been looking for! I guess that is the reason I went....I now can take down the 50 samples I had hanging in the dining room - It is always nice to see it on the wall first- so I am VERY HAPPY I got this accomplished.

Today-Sun we slept in AGAIN! We decided we would goto church tonite to the teen mass {Carter loves this - cause of the band and it gave Jason a chance to sleep in since he is working so much lately} Right now I am SNUG AS A BUG IN A RUG ---and I do not want to get up for anything. It is FREEzING outside!!! ----Jason and Carter put up our turkey today --cant believe Thanksgiving will be here before ya know it. Stay Warm!! and have a GREAT week <>< Amy


Shannon said...

THANKS for the comment AMY... love you SO much and miss you! Glad to have this blog though to keep in touch... praying a blessing on you tonight and on your sweet family. XOXO

Shannon said...

Hey Chica... are you just wanting to do a different background?

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