Sunday, November 30, 2008

A GReAt WeeKenD

Well I hope everyone had a GREAT time off with their family. I know we did!!! NOT ready to go back AT ALL !

The weekend was very nice-all but poor Jason was sick! He had a major sore throat but he still managed to drive us to where we needed to be! THANKS HON!! The weather was awesome for St Charles-it was just PERFECT for going in and out of the stores. We headed to a little Mexican Restaurant for dinner and it off the beaten path and I mean this is WILD! I was sitting there and all of a sudden these couples came in the door and I was like ROB! and then I looked and it was Tiffany (McCandless) Rob and their friends!!! They were just as shocked as I was!! (I knew they were out there and she knew we were but-we are talking in St Louis!) SO--- Sat. we headed for the mall. If you have never been to the mall in St Louis-you need to go. I LOVE IT! Are you ready for this .......we were in the mall 7 YES 7 hours! And really I did not even go in every store. This place is awesome. This year I did notice a few stores we closed-which was a bummer!! They have an ice skating rink-go carts-a Cabelas that is out of this world (did not even make it in there this year). I was in GAP looking and I looked up and seen Ginger- Tiffany McCandlesses friend. Later I took Carter back in and Tiffany and Rob were in there! That is funny!!!! Like I said in last weeks p0st you cant go anywhere anymore!! ha! Got a FEW Christmas gifts---I dont know what I was thinking....I kept finding me things- of course when you are not looking for something special you find it! We had a hay day!!

Today was church. A REALLY good message I wish everyone could of heard!!! It really touched my heart.....made me think. You know we should ALL see Christ EVERYDAY in SOMEONE!!! {I know that isnt ALWAYS the case but...} I hope somewhere-sometime-someone sees Christ in me-Jason-Carter and in YOU! God Bless! <><


Shannon said...

I see Him in you ALL the time! One of my favorite things to look at is the little butterfly crystal cube(sits on my dresser) that you got me when Kristy and I worked the team together... you and I didn't even know each other, and that is why when I look at it - it brings so much JOY -- so thankful thankful that we didn't stay strangers but now you are such a blessing to me and someone I love so much!

Anonymous said...