Sunday, November 23, 2008

DaTe NiGht ~

Jason had a date planned Sat. for us. It was REALLY nice- We went to Evansville to shop/eat and just be able to talk without having to be interupted!!

First stop was Michaels-to return an item- {my cell phone rang and it was Tammy and she said "what ya shopping for" - she had just passed us} Hobby Lobby was next to pick one thing up-yeah right! We then headed to Marshal's Jasons favorite- and got several Christmas gifts......then off to eat---we were starving! We actually BOTH had Biages {sp?} on the brain and ended up going to Lone Star {have not been there in years} it was AWESOME!!! We had the onino of course-Jason got a steak and I had a huge salad--- We were then headed to my favorite places Target -TJ Maxx-& Dicks!!!. when I seen Tiffany aty the gas station! {You cant hide in Evansville thats for sure! :} TARGET TOYS was NUTTS ALREADY-----I just had fun seeing all the CRAZY parents scurrying around to get their kids stuff-TG I am not one of them THIS year--I think we have it under control. It was still actually pretty early when we left there - so we headed to the mall for a some good ideas for Jason so I am excited about that. We actually hit the liquor store for a much needed bottle of wine... When we got home I had one glass and I was out!!!! Thanks Jason for a GREAT day!! love you!!

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" TODAY TO THE BEST FRIEND EVER!! Renita I hope you have a GREAT day!! love you~!

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KJ said...

Date night?! What's that?! ;) Glad you had a great time in Eville!