Thursday, November 13, 2008

For the last several days I have drawn blanks at what to say on this blog! I read others and they are soooo inspiring-funny-sweet-& sometimes over my head :)..........sometimes I just sit here and look at this empty screen!! My life really isnt that boring! ha either it is or I cant write worth a poo :) So here goes......

Tonite we had dinner with my in-laws and some friends for my FIL birthday! We went to the Lake to eat pizza. The pizza or pissa which is what my FIL calls it is GREAT!! We then came home and did the whole nightly routine-shower-snack-story and bed! (Dont let me fool ya it wasnt as easy as it sounds) ha for those moms who do it-- know the REAL truth!!!

This weekend- one of my best friends Leslie is have a stand at the Christkindlemart. If you have never been it is really NICE. It is in Ferdinand-they have tons of "german themed" things going on along with tons of booths. ANYWAYS---I am helping Les at her booth again this year. Sometimes I think I get in the way more than I do help-I mean come on I dont know anything about jewerly except Sterling looks great on and Brighton is my favorite! But I will do whatever I can to help her!

Well, Enough said-have a great weekend!!
<>< Amy

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