Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Trot - Turkey and more Turkey

Seems like there is a lot of turkey today~ (I am not a fan of turkey) but...I love all the other things-

So this a.m. started out with the Turkey Trot! Leah -Anna-Lisa and I signed up to take part in it this year. It is a 5k run/walk. It was really neat- minus the shin splints I have now! We started off at Health Point {oh-forgot to mention Lisa didnt get out of bed--you missed out LISA} and headed towards 36th st in Jasper. For those of you who know the route-dont judge UNTIL you do it!! Ill be honest- I was like WHAT --that isnt even far!! OMG! not far at all- but taking those hills in the car is a heck of a lot quicker-than walking. We didnt come in last like Leah and I had expected ha so we were happy about that....we even passed some people up. We decided that this would be a tradition......and we need to start training this friday! NOT!!! They timed us and I think we came in at about 45 minutes... Afterwards we had fruit and nuts. It was really fun!

Now on to dinner #1 We met Jasons family at the Holiday Inn for dinner--*there are only 7 of us". Dinner was GREAT but ate to much of course. Came home from there and needed a major nap-since Carter was occupied and Jason too I took a quick nap. I could of slept the rest of the afternoon with a fully belly-but we had to be at my sisters for supper at 5:00. UGH~ we made it-Carter had painted his face like an Indian and he made me a Pilgrim hat (pretty good one for a 7 year old) and we were going to have a skit that he wrote but when we got there...that all fell thru cause he seen his cousins and was embarassed. *they are all older. So ANOTHER dinner (and we were not gonna eat much ) ha man it was goooooooood-nothing like my mothers home cookin!!! Oh-forgot to mention it was my dads birthday today too!!! (we skipped cake and slipped candles in a pumpkin pie-and called it good) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!

Hope you all had a nice THANKSGIVING!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! We are heading to St Charles tomorrow-a tradition we have done for 6 years. It is the kick off for the season--it is soooo awesome I cant wait to go!! It is like a Charles Dickinson book that comes alive...tiny tim....scroge.....Christmas angel.....a guy roasting chestnuts.....olf time Santas from all around the world...St Nick and many more!!

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Shannon said...

Sounds like a great day! So thankful for you in my life! Love ya!